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Customized Products

We are delighted to present you with an exciting opportunity to further enhance the guest experience at the Hotel.

As we know, the natural beauty of our island is unparalleled, and we believe it would be wonderful to offer your guests a skincare experience that reflects and harnesses this natural abundance.

We propose the introduction of an exclusive line of skincare products made with fresh, natural ingredients sourced from our island. These products will not only be indulgent for the skin but also showcase the unique elements of our land and its rich biodiversity. By providing your guests with an authentic and locally sourced skincare experience, they can connect more deeply with the essence of our destination.

Unique Spa Experiences

In addition to the skincare products, we propose developing distinctive spa treatments that incorporate local ingredients and traditional techniques from our island. This will allow your guests to fully immerse themselves in the beauty and culture of our locale, enjoying rejuvenating and authentic experiences.

We are confident that this proposal will enrich the offerings of your hotel or spa, providing your guests with a unique and memorable experience. We would love to discuss further details and customize this proposal to align with your specific needs and objectives.


We also offer services to Airbnb hosts


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