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"At Tresojas, we believe that natural beauty is the best kind of beauty. That's why we're dedicated to using organic ingredients to create skincare products that enhance your inner radiance and nourish your skin."

- Tresojas -

About Me

Once upon a time, in a magical and enchanted island, Puerto Rico, lived a girl named Silkia. Since her birth, she had been cared of and protected by her family, who lived in harmony with nature. The forest was her home, and every corner was filled with wonders to discover.


From a young age, Silkia showed a deep love for plants and the life that grew around her. As she grew older, her curiosity led her to study biology and botany, learning about each plant species and their unique properties. 


Over time, Silkia began experimenting with her discoveries. She created infusions, soaps, oils, and creams from the forest’s plants, and was amazed to see how her skin became radiant and healthy. Word of her products spread, and soon people from nearby countries came to her for natural skincare solutions.


Seeing the positive impact her creations had on people, Silkia decided to take her products to the next level. She used her knowledge in biology and botany to perfect her formulas and created Tresojas, complete line of natural skincare products. From Handmade soaps to massage oils, each product was infused with the love and wisdom she had gained from the forest and secret recipes from her grandmothers. 


News of Tresojas product line spread quickly, and soon people from all corners of the world flocked to the forest in search of her magical products. Silkia had turned her passion into a thriving business. She never lost her love for the forest or her desire to care for the nature that had given her so much.


Over the years, Silkia became a legend in the kingdom, known as “The Botanical Fairy.” As she helped people care for their skin naturally, she also reminded them of the importance of protecting and preserving the forest and all its wonders. And so, the girl who was raised in the forest continued to be an advocate for nature, sharing her knowledge and love for plants with all who surrounded her.


Our Partners

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Our Products Are

Handmade in PR


Freshly Grown from my Farm to your Skin

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