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Tresojas is a small artisan business located in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. I’m Silkia, a farmer and forest biologist specialist. I became consciousness of the necessity of using natural products that are healthy for my skin and friendly to the environment, and in 2010 I decided to throw myself into the artisan adventurous world. To my surprise, I discovered the passion of elaborating soap through cold process, and creating lotions, oils, exfoliators, and other products using only 100% natural ingredients. These ingredients derive from vegetable origin, fruits, grains, medicinal plants, essential oils, minerals, and other resources that Mother Earth provides for the human benefit.


Tresojas soaps are handmade, from the formula elaboration until the final packing to obtain a respectful natural product beneficial to the skin. Some of Tresojas therapeutic soaps and products even use secret recipes from my grandmothers; using plant infusions that have healing properties. They do not contain artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances, nor preservatives.


Why Tresojas? This combination of words have a motivating message in my life. The first word is “Tres” (Three). The number three symbolizes equilibrium. The second word is “hojas” (leaf). Leaves symbolize the connection with Mother Nature. Last, a spiral letter “O” that symbolizes evolution and constant learning.

From our garden to your hands.

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